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15 feb

Quicke expands and upgrades its premium loader range

20 new loader models, one of which is the world's largest, plus several impressive new features and improvements: this is the result of the upgrade to Quicke’s market-leading Quicke Dimension loader range.

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08 feb


Quicke introduces Q98, the world’s largest front loader.

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31 jan

LCS EasyDrive

Now, at last, an affordable electronic alternative to mechanical front loader operation has arrived. For the discerning farmer who wants all the advantages of the ‘simple-touse’ electronic joystick, but who does not require all of the functions available with full electronics.

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03 jan

Quicke introduces a completely new loader series in the utility segment

Well-designed, high-performance front loaders at an attractive price. These are some of the features in Quicke’s completely new Q200 series, in the ”utility” segment. The target group is the many millions of tractor owners worldwide with loader needs without necessarily being large-scale, professional farmers.

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