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  Silocut SG

Ålö will introduce an updated version of their shear grab family Silocut, ready for autumn 2014. The upgraded model features; welded tine sleeves, bolted knifes, conus 3 tines and upgrades that improve serviceability.

"Customer demands have been a high focus area in this upgrade; we have listened to the demands and applied them to create a new model called “Silocut SG”. The trend in higher horse power machines created a need for increased resistance to wear and fatigue, the new models are well suited to the change in requirement. Today welded sleeves are a more widely accepted technique of mounting tines into shear grabs and we aimed one step
further: Conus 3 tines are fitted on the outer side on each Silocut model. They are mounted in a special gable box that takes all of the cutting forces from the side knifes without exerting unnecessary torsional forces to the rest of the implement. 12 mm wear pads under the tine carriage are a standard on all SG models, the back frame is strengthened and has also been designed to not collect material in previously hard to clean areas, reducing feed wastage.” says Richard Wofford, Product Manager at Ålö.

A new model size has been added in the upgrade; the “175 SG”. At 1.75m wide it fits between 1.5m and 2m whilst still using 2 cylinders to increase capacity but only weighs 524kg for Front Loaders. Larger 3 cylinder models at 2m and 2.25m have hooks available for Volvo BM / JCB wheel loaders as well as Front Loaders. A new route for hoses and better protection is used to avoid known areas of high stress locations. The centre knife is double plated; front plate is modified on all models and raised higher for better distribution of forces.


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