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Our unique company culture and values form the foundation of our success and we are sure, you would enjoy working with us if you carry out your work with a great deal of enthusiasm and team spirit. Find out more about our culture and way of working!


Ideas are the lifeblood of our
company and our developers
constantly work on breakthroughs
that shape the agriculture market worldwide. Our strength is that we
are so close to our end customers
and know how they use the
products, so we usually become
first choice for professional farmers.

No wonder our Research &
Development team lives by the
motto:  ”When we create
something, we set new standards.” 


At Alo, we see diversity as the
root to innovation. As such, it is
a critical element for developing breakthroughs that shape the agricultural future.

The diversity of our employees represents a big potential in form
of experience, talent and skills.
And we leverage these skills
through active diversity manage-
ment. Because diversity opens
up new ways of developing our products.


Company Values

The culture in Alo is based on our company values that provides orientation for employees and supports an atmosphere that is
based on team spirit, high collaboration and accountability.

Discover more about our values
that are built upon a puzzle of
three words: Cooperation, Participation and Responsibility.

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