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Stephanie Lakeit, USA
Aftermarket Senior Manager
5 years with Alo


Career-long learning and leadership development

How did you join Alo? In a few words could you describe your main tasks in your position?
I joined the Alo Canada Team in 2010. My first role was in the materials management department. Over the past 5 years Alo has given me many opportunities to grow professionally.

What type of background is needed for your job?
I have a operations management background. My educational background, the experience I have gained at Alo combined with my belief that motivation and a positive attitude can get you a long way in the work force. If you love what you do, your enthusiasm will become contagious and flow into the group. With my new role I know that there will be challenging and exciting tasks ahead, but I truly follow the philosophy “Have fun and be productive at work!”. I am truly thankful for all the opportunities that Alo has given me.

Why is Alo an attractive employer?
At Alo, you never stop learning. Over the last 5 years I have been able to learn the different stages of our product cycle and to build relationships with major accounts. I have been given special assignments that have especially helped me develop my problem solving and leadership skills. For example, I am now in charge of organizing the move of our sales office from Canada to Chicago. Working for a Global company such as ALO, gives you a broader range of learning and growing than working for a domestic company.


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