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Steffen Stengl, Germany
Area Sales Manager
11 years with Alo


At Ålö, it’s really like working in a family, all doors are open!

How did you join Alo? In a few words could you describe your main tasks in your position?
I joined Alö Germany in 2005 and started working in the back office for two years. In 2008, I got the opportunity to change my position to work as an Area Sales Manager. Since that, every day brings a lot of variation, working with different customers and different tractors.

My main task is to be a strong, reliable partner to our customers and to care and support them in  their daily work.

What type of background is needed for your job?
From the technical side,  I need to know a lot about the agriculture business and tractors.
But important as well,  is the ability to get on with people, accommodate individual requirements and find a best way for a good partnership with our customers.

Why is Alo Germany an attractive employer?
At Alo, it’s really like working in a family, all doors are open – you just need to walk through and make use of the opportunities!


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