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Per Olofsson, China
Managing Director 
4 years with Alo


Delegation to China – a truly life changing experience!

How did you join Alo? In a few words could you describe your main tasks in your position?
In 2011, I started as Environment and Maintenance Manager in the factory in Brännland. After having gained experience within Ålö for 1.5 years, I applied for the position as Maintenance and Production engineering Manager in Ningbo/China since I was very interested working abroad for a while. It was a win-win-situation for both Ålö and myself as I was a good match for the Chinese factory, so I didn’t hesitate long to take this opportunity.
After having worked in China for 2 years, I was promoted to Managing Director for the Ningbo plant as from first of May 2015 and I am very grateful that Ålö has giving me this opportunity to stay even longer.

Why did you choose to work abroad?
It was basically an opportunity for the whole family since we wanted to widen our life experience and live outside of Sweden for some years. Although we have 3 children, we only saw this amazing chance for them to discover a different country & culture. It is something that nobody can take away from you and you will benefit in your future without any doubts.

Do you think it was a good experience and would you do it again?
Me and my family really have a great life in China. It is very different to our life in Sweden of course, but that makes it so interesting. The kids get also a fantastic education on an international school where they have friends from all over the world.
If you ever get the possibility for an international relocation, I would definitely recommend it to everyone to get this experience, it is truly life changing!


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