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Margareta Bask, Sweden
Global Sourcing Engineer 
3 years with Alo


Challenging tasks and easy-going people!

How did you join Alo? In a few words could you describe your main tasks in your position?
Back in 2012, I had decided to move back to my home region up in the North of Sweden. I was looking for a bigger, technical company with interesting job positions. So spontaneously I dropped my CV in a mail to the Swedish Ålö HR department who took me in for an interview and – the rest is history!

Basically, my job is to manage and improve the supply chain and to continuously collaborate with the rest of the Ålö team. As a Global Sourcing Engineer, I coordinate and perform quality related supplier activities such as audits, participate in strategic development actions and manage qualification plans for all new Ålö parts that our suppliers produce for us. Communication is one of the key tasks in my job.

What type of background is needed for your job?
I would say an engineering background and that you need both technical and production knowledge. It’s also good if you have previously worked with quality related activities and project management within similar type of industries. The willingness to work and solve problems together, and having an understanding of other cultures – all this will get you a long way!

Why is Alo an attractive employer?
Ålö started as a family company that has quickly grown into a global corporation during the past 10-15 years. There is an never-ending job to improve both our suppliers and the Ålö Group to work even more quicker, better and to deliver clever technical solutions to make our customers happy. Challenging, value-adding work tasks, easy-going people and to have the opportunity to have an international career within the Ålö Group makes Ålö an attractive employer to me.


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