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Jennifer Fox, USA
Sales Support Manager
1 year with Alo


I believe Alo will provide me with the potential to grow professionally, culturally and personally.

How did you join Alo? In a few words could you describe your main tasks in your position?
Alo reached out to me in the fall of 2015.  I was employed at Caterpillar for over 10 years at the time, and I was working in a marketing & sales role for Cat Global Mining.  I decided to make the move to Alo, and I must say, I’m very happy with my decision.
My current title is Sales Support Manager. I am leading a project to grow sales in North America and develop a long term growth strategy for the North American market.  I am involved in various other activities including forecasting, customer relationship management and completing extensive market analysis for several of our North American customers.

What type of background is needed for your job?
I actually have a very diverse background.  Both of my degrees are in Mechanical Engineering, but I’ve had various roles in engineering, cost analysis, project management, and sales and marketing.  I am a certified 6 Sigma Black Belt which has provided me with the tools and knowledge to lead my current growth strategy project.  My experience in sales and marketing aligns well with some of my other responsibilities.

Why is Alo an attractive employer?
Up until accepting my position at Alo, I had spent my entire career working in a very large, market leading company in Corporate America.  Alo provided me with the opportunity to work in smaller sized company yet still a market leader.  I’ve enjoyed the ability to get more involved in understanding the Alo business model and seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.  I enjoy working for an international company and the benefits that come along with networking with so many different cultures. Furthermore, I believe Alo will provide me with the potential to grow professionally, culturally and personally.


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