New loader for the largest tractors.

Ålö has announced new front loaders for the Agritechnica 2009 exhibition – to match some of the largest tractor models recently introduced.

The new Q85x and +7.0x loaders offers impressive performance. Their lifting capacity is increased by 600 kg to 4,300 kg, their tear-out force by 1,160 kg to 4,800 kg and the loadres lifting height raised 200 mm to 4950 mm compared to their predecessor. The fundamental advantage of the new loaders are the way in which they optimises utilisation on the latest generations of large tractors.

"We have improved several key areas. Previous limitations have been re-designed to maximise the benefits to the end user", says Anders Lundgren, product development manager at Ålö. "For example, the 6 degree increase in crowd angle improves implement utilisation, thus increasing productivity".

The new loaders will replace the current Q85 and +7.0P loader when production starts in 2010.

In 1958, Ålö made a significant contribution to agricultural developments when it created the world’s first quick-attach loader. In those days, Quicke was relatively lightweight (suitable for tractors with a power rating of up to 70 hp). It could be quickly mounted and removed, connected easily to the tractor's hydraulics and made implement changes light work

2009. Alo celebrated its 60 years anniversary


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