Managing Director, Olle Pehrsson...

Announces that he, during 2012, will retire as Managing Director of the Alo Group.Olle_Pehrsson

”I have been thinking about retirement for a while, I have after all been working 
more than 12 years as a Managing Director at Ålö.
Altor, our new owner, and I have together agreed on starting off the recruitment
process to find a new Managing Director for Ålö. I will not leave my current
position at Ålö until a new Managing Director is in place. I have, however,
accepted the proposal of continue working as a Senior Advisor for the Board
and coming Managing Director until my final retirement. The idea is also that
I will become a member of the board of Directors.
I feel this is a great opportunity to assist and follow Ålö’s continuous
development during a period of time.”

With regard to the recruitment process, advertisements will be advertised in
media shortly.

For further enquires or comments please do not hesitate to contact
Olle Pehrsson or Lena Rydström.

Umeå 07 02 2012


Olle Pehrsson
VD, Ålö


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