New LED lighting gives Ålö's front loaders unique "night vision"


Once again, a first in the world of front loaders. And it means the difference between night and day. This is the essence of Ålö's unique accessory LoaderLight™ - an LED light to be retrofitted, giving entirely new advantages in tractor driving when using a front loader in limited daylight and darkness.

"LoaderLight™ is fitted under the loader's knee plate. It means that the area around the implement and implement attachment is illuminated in a much better way than when only using the tractor's own lights", says Urban Rönnqvist, Product Marketing Manager at Ålö.

"The concept is particularly advantageous for connection/disconnection of implements, and when using pallet forks. LoaderLight™ becomes truly revolutionary for higher lifting, such as when stacking round bales, as you need a strong and directional light over the entire lift height, compared to tractor lighting which only reaches to a certain level. The difference is as clear as night and day", says Rönnqvist.

LoaderLight™, with two 10W Heavy Duty LED lights, provides illumination of 900 lumen - a considerable difference to a tractor's own lighting, and at only 0.75 amps, it uses very little power. The lights are simple to fit and angle to the desired direction. The electrical cable is pulled through the loader arm, where it remains hidden and well protected. The lighting unit is suitable for any of Ålö's loaders.

"It feels excellent to be able to present what seems to be such a simple innovation that is so useful. We should also remember that this concept, as usual, is the result of our close and frequent dialogue with customers. The fact that we had hit the nail on the head was confirmed at Agritechnica, the world's biggest fair for agricultural machinery, where LoaderLight™ was very positively received. Since week 11 this year, our delivery levels have been at full pace", finishes Rönnqvist.

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