New and efficient;
the Snow Clearing Bucket

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Effective snow clearing buckets with flaps have largely been used on commercial loaders. Until now. Front loader manufacturer Ålö is now introducing a flapped bucket specially designed for agricultural tractors.

"That's right. Everything from its weight and dimensions, to its price range, has been optimised for agricultural tractors," says Urban Rönnqvist, Product Marketing Manager at Ålö.

"Something that shows in its performance. With the flaps fully opened at 90 degrees, the bucket becomes a 365 cm wide snow blade, available with optional practical, ice cutting edges. Equally, angeling the flaps forward provides the best precision to 'cut' the snow into the bucket, tight against walls and similar surfaces.

There is no compromise with the new snow clearing bucket." The hydraulics are adapted to Ålö's unique LCS control system, with 3rd and 4th function. See-through bars and an accumulator to counteract impact shocks are fitted as standard. The cutting edges are sprung loaded, enabling the bucket to be tipped forwards with the pressure maintained on the flaps.

"It's a high quality and high performance tool which opens up a lot of opportunities in several areas. Firstly, clearing snow from the owner's premises is done much more efficiently. Secondly, the tractor's workload can be increased to include regular snow clearing/ploughing duties. This snow clearing bucket is, quite simply, yet more proof of how all of us at Ålö are constantly striving to maximise use of a tractor," concludes Urban.

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