NEW! Hydraulic pallet fork attachment
- saves time and money

As a retrofit option to the new pallet fork range, Alo now introduces hydraulically adjustable pallet fork tines, which improves the comfort and efficiency for the driver.
From the driver’s seat, the driver can easily position the pallet fork tines by means of the new hydraulic pallet fork attachment.

The new hydraulic pallet fork attachment is equipped with a hydraulic flow divider that allows exact pallet fork tines spreading. It is designed to fit all new ISO pallet fork frames designed and manufactured by Alo since December 2012.

Hydraulic pallet fork attachment
Weight 73 kg / 160 lbs    
Weight assembled 169-181 kg / 372-398 lbs

Urban Rönnqvist, Product Manager:
”This new hydraulic pallet fork attachment is a good example of how we at Alo have strived to match our customers' needs and at the same time give excellent value for money.”



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