New Automatic Angle Control.
A new short-cut for increased loader and tractor usage.


An entirely new function which enables repetitive movements and work cycles during loader usage to be automated and made more efficient, whilst also contributing in minimising unnecessary material damage. This is the intention behind Automatic Angle Control, AAC, a new accessory which optimises productivity for Ålö's market-leading valve program Loader Control System, LCS.

"For example, during bucket operation, AAC allows the driver to programme the bucket to return to a predetermined position with only one press of a button on the joystick," says Urban Rönnqvist, Product Marketing Manager at Ålö.

"Take, for example, one of the three pre-set modes where the implement/bucket returns to the horizontal position after tipping. This is beneficial when loading a high-sided trailer, as you save time and limit the risk of damaging the trailer," says Rönnqvist.

The other two pre-set functions are the arm lowering, and the bucket returning to the
horizontal position simultaneously, as well as the loader arm lowering after tipping. The programmability of AAC also enables additional functionality.

AAC is available for users with Electro Drive LCS Professional, the highest level of LCS. The function components include a sensor, cable kit and new joystick software, plus a valve that also enables AAC to be retrofitted.

"This is a further example of how we always aim to provide our customers with new
dimensions for usage. The user has increased control and simplicity in their day-to-day working life. A short-cut which limits the risk of costly mishaps, as well as allowing the user to get more done in a shorter time," says Ålö's Urban Rönnqvist.

Automatic Angle Control was first officially unveiled in Hanover on 12-16 November at
Agritechnica, the world's largest agricultural exhibition.

Press release 2013-11-07



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